Purnima Indian Cuisine
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Pini y Julen


Fantastic food.

Himmel 110


I had gone to Purnima for a dinner on a weekday. The first thing that caught my eye was the absolutely splendid interior decoration and well-manicured interiors.

They brought me a complementary serving of chips along with 3 dipping sauces as soon as I placed my order. The green (mint) and red (tangy) sauces were pretty good. I then ordered onion bhaji and biriyani, both of which tasted great. It’s a little unfortunate that the biriyani doesn’t come with any sides.. not even a raita or saalan. So I had to order a raita separately. At least the raita didn’t disappoint in its taste and portion size.

I really enjoyed my visit to the restaurant and I think it’s definitely worth visiting the restaurant if you are looking for a fine-dining experience along with delicious food and a great selection of drinks.

A Morar


We’re on the tail end of a 4 wk Spanish vacation. We’ve been to multiple restaurants on this trip, Segovia, Cadiz, Malaga. This by far was the best of the lot, by far. The restaurant itself is beautiful, decor, ambiance etc, not typical (in my experience) of Indian restaurants.

Apps, entrees, everything was super tasty and piping hot. Prawn puree, chk tikha was cooked to perfection. Chk Balti, tarka dal and chk tikha masala all fantastic. Chicken dishes were really cooked too perfection, tender chicken pieces. Finished with rice pudding and kulfi. Highly recommend this place if you’re craving high quality tasty Indian food in a beautiful setting. All staff were exceptional, professionally dressed and polite.

Ved Joshi


Beautiful decor, delicious and healthy, you won’t find another Indian restaurant like this!

Keep in mind this is from a guy who usually avoids Indian restaurants no matter what.

Fatima Abdullah


Love the atmosphere and the food was amazing, friendly staff.

Arjan Neet


Really nice Indian food, have eaten there twice during my stay in Madrid, and I really liked the food. Both the chicken Madras and the Chicken Tikka Masala were really tasteful, and the Kashmiri rice is also really good.

rodny quiel


Delicious food, good service.

Ahmed Fawzy


The chicken bryani never lets me down in this place!

Bridget BADIOU


A Balti if you’re from Birmingham UK becomes a benchmark for all Indian restaurants. This has topped it. D E L I C I O U S. Fabulous décor and excellent cuisine. The waiters are multilingual and charming, the naan breads are superb and the mini popadums are sooo cute. I highly recommend this restaurant if you’re in Madrid and like Indian cuisine you won’t be disappointed. The prices are reasonable and the service quick and efficient.

Arunima Bhattacharya


Great food with good quantity for the price. Beautiful decor. Lively ambience. Friendly cooperative staff.

We had an extremely pleasant experience. One of the best Indian restaurants we have visited in Madrid.